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NEW LAUNCH: Union Public Schools 09.15.15 | Announcements

This is the second custom website that we have had the privilege of creating for Union Public Schools, one of Oklahoma largest school districts. The first website we built was launched nearly 10 years ago and resulted in high praise and multiple awards for the school district. The web, along with the devices used to access it, are rapidly evolving...

Why Your Website Needs to Have Video 06.08.15 | Announcements

It can be dangerous to give out “catch-all” Internet marketing advice. After all, what works for one business might not work for another, and few techniques are so universal or powerful that they can work for virtually any kind of company, large or small, no matter the industry. And yet, we feel very comfortable telling you that your business website needs to have online video. In fact, it needs it right now.

Did you know? We are more than just amazing websites 03.31.15 | Announcements

Did you know Creative State offers more than just amazing websites? We can take that blank canvas, piece of paper or untouched block of wood and bring your ideas to life through vivid printed materials, artistic videography and photography, unique apparel design and vehicle wraps, eye-catching posters and billboards, and effective email campaigns and trade show booths.

Creative State Creates World's Best Fair Website 12.17.14 | Announcements

The Tulsa State Fair has been voted The Best Fair Website In The World. The Tulsa State Fair website has received first place honors in both the Website and Mobile Web categories of the annual International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) communication awards. The Tulsa State Fair competes in Division 5, the largest category, requiring an event attendance of over 1 million, truly making them the best of the best for 2014.

Creative State Proud to Partner With Tulsa Christmas Parade 11.06.14 | Announcements

Josh MacFarland, Director of the Tulsa Christmas Parade, unveiled the official poster at an event at the Tulsa Press Club. The poster for the 2014 parade was designed by Steve Mullen, the Creative Director at Creative State.

Treat Social Media Sites Like Search Engines, Because That's What They're Becoming 03.09.12 | Announcements

In recent years, Google has been running away with search engine traffic, both in the US and overseas. Averaging somewhere around 300 billion searches per day, and that will likely continue to increase.

Creative State Launches Custom Website for Victory Energy 01.28.11 | Launches

Creative State is proud to announce the launch of the new The new site is user-friendly and search engine optimized. Creative State used the latest tools and technology in the development of this innovative new website.

Read Our Shorts Vol. 2 - When It's Time For A Website Redesign, Get The Opinion That Matters 12.29.10 | Strategy

How many people were involved in the last redesign or upgrade of your website? If you are like most clients, you probably consulted the designer, showed a few layouts to your employees, and maybe even solicited the opinion of a spouse or friend...

Read Our Shorts - Volume 1 - The Good News About Local Search 11.19.10 | Strategy

For a lot of businesses, the rise of local search (the emphasis of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, not to mention their users, to show geographic results) has been a little bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand...

Facebook is Down. Take a Deep Breath, It Could Happen to You. 09.23.10 | Announcements

Facebook had its worst downtime in 4 years. If some of the biggest organizations in the world who spend millions of dollars on designers, programmers, consultants, servers, data centers and security software can’t avoid downtime and hackers what can you do to protect your website and your company?

Creative State + Facebook = $50 Visa Gift Card 08.30.10 | Announcements

We've recently re-launched our Facebook page. Become one of our first 200 fans and you'll be eligible for a $50 Visa gift card.

Click here to learn more.

New Online Customer Support Center Now Available 06.15.10 | Announcements

Today we are pleased to announce our new & improved Online Customer Support Center. Click to learn more.

Creative State Launches New Site for In the Raw Sushi 03.29.10 | Launches

Creative State recently launched a new website for In the Raw Sushi. In addition to website design and programming, our photographers took shots at an In the Raw location and in our studio.

Creative State Featured on 'This Ain't No Disco...' 12.22.09 | Announcements

The offices of Creative State were featured on This Ain't No Disco... It's Where We Work. The site describes itself as "a portfolio of the best agency interiors in the world."

Q & A with an Art Student: Advice for Graduates 09.21.09 | Design

At Creative State, there's no lack of opinions.  We share them pretty freely around here, and that's part of what makes it a great place to work.  Still, sometimes we get an opportunity to share our advice to people who really want it.  Back in May, I got one such request from a student at the Art Institute of Portland.

Two Creative State sites make list for Beautifully Designed Christian Websites 08.21.09 | Announcements

Two Creative State sites have made the grade from a respected peer over at Inspiks.  We're honored to see that we made the list for 40 Beautifully Designed Websites.

Creative State and Latocki Enter Web Solutions Partnership 06.23.09 | Announcements

Latocki Team Creative (LTC) and Creative State, an award-winning provider of Web sites and custom Web applications, are partnering to provide custom Web solutions for Nashville corporations and the entertainment industry.

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