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Looks really nice. I have to tell you that we are really pleased with this project and on behalf of the parents, students, and staff of the Union Bands want to extend sincere thanks for your excellent work.— Charles Pisarra – Director of Bands – Union Public Schools

photo of the new Union Band homepage

photo showing content page of new union bands website

photo of new Union Bands website on a mobile device

About the Project

Creative State recently redesigned the Union Bands website. The previous site was approximately seven years old. They came to us and wanted a new, fresh design and they wanted the site to be responsive because many of their visitors primarily viewed the site on mobile devices. Our team put together a very modern design with simplified navigation, and large photos of the band members. The most important info was elevated to above the fold. There is a section of Quick Links to get people to information that they need to access frequently. There is a section of icons that lead to several other frequently used features. We also integrated their Twitter feed and included a prominent photo gallery. Many of the parents who visit the site like to see photos of their students that participate in band.

We also incorporated an email newsletter sign-up that allows the band staff to stay in contact with their parents and supporters. The site includes a sponsor section that allows them to feature and highlight the sponsors and partners who help them each season. We also integrated all their social media icons in the footer of the page. The site is built on our content management system. This allows Union Bands’ non-technical staff to easily update the website with relevant information, events and photos. This particular client distributes the responsibility for managing the site among multiple staff members.

After the site was launched we received very positive feedback. The director of bands at Union Public Schools said, "I have to tell you, we're really pleased with the project and on behalf of our parents, students, and staff we want to extend our sincere thanks for your excellent work." 

Creative State is proud of our long-standing relationship with Union Public Schools and with the Union Band program.

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