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Video, Photography and Design services for a Soccer Team

Game Day Program

Program Design Program Design

Season Schedule Poster

Season Schedule

Game Day Graphics

We created a wide array of game day graphics. These graphics are shared on social media on game day and during the game. The graphics are also shown in the live stream of the game.

Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics Game Day Graphics

Misc TA Graphics

Player Photography

Season Schedule

Player Introduction Videos

Facebook LIVE Coach's show

Each week we bring in Tulsa Athletic staff to the Creative State Studio for a recap of the previous week's game and discuss their upcoming opponent.

About the project

Creative State likes soccer. Our creative director is a past player and our owner coaches a competitive youth team. Our owner has also been known to binge watch MLS longer than your typical Netflix binge. When we were given the opportunity to work with the Tulsa Athletic we may have been more than a little excited about the project. We are equally as excited with the way everything turned out. Before working with Creative State the Tulsa Athletic did not have uniform branding efforts. The Tulsa Athletic organization uses a large range of media efforts to boost support and awareness for the team. Creative State was able to unify all of these assets into a cohesive brand. In addition to redesigning existing media the organization has used in the past, Creative State was able to offer our video services. We created player intro videos for each player on our 9 screen video wall as well as shot a weekly coach’s show in our video studio. Services we offered included game day program design, season schedule posters, photography, video, game day graphics for social media and live streaming, social media branding, many miscellaneous ads, flyers and graphics and general art direction and brand guidance.

This project is a great example of how Creative State can offer a wide variety of marketing and branding services. We are much more than just websites. Does your company’s marketing effort need a refresh? Does your website, business cards, brochures and ads all have a different look and feel? Do you have one company handling your website, another that designed your brochure, maybe your nephew did your business cards? Is your business keeping up with the times by using video in your marketing? At Creative State we can have the capability to meet all of your branding needs including print, web, video, photography and marketing. We are Tulsa based but work with companies all across the country. Contact us today at 866-658-7423 EXT 221 to see how we can help bring consistency to your branding efforts.

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