Petroleum Listing Place

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Complete Startup Branding & Web Platform

Creative State completed branding, design and production of a new web based platform for buying and selling Petroleum assets online. The public, member and admin of the site is built from the ground up to provide a complete custom experience for the project.

Petroleum Listing Place Responsive Website by Creative State

As with all new Creative State projects, the website is fully responsive.

Petroleum Listing Place Website on Mobile

Branding, Postcard & Business Card Design.

Business cards utilize a ghosted spot gloss logo on the back of the cards

Petroleum Listing Place Print Design by Creative State

Project Details

The Petroleum Listing Place came to Creative State when they were in the idea stage of building a new web-based platform to facilitate buying and selling oil and gas related assets. We worked with them to select a name, find the appropriate domain names, build their brand, build the custom platform, and provide ongoing digital strategy services.

The brand itself is clean and simple. It's designed to work in a wide variety of formats. It works well in color and black and white. It works well on the web. It works in print. It works on apparel and other promotional items. The founder of The Petroleum Listing Place is Jim Dowdy. Jim is an oil and gas veteran who recognized the friction in the process of buying and selling oil and gas related assets and decided to do something about it.

Petroleum Listing Place is a comprehensive online marketplace that provides sellers a place to offer, for sale or lease, their petroleum related assets. It's not an advertising service or a broker or an auction. It's an online platform that allows companies or individuals to market their assets themselves and work directly with potential buyers to make the deal happen through negotiated transactions. Buyers and sellers work directly with one another through the custom web-based platform that Creative State built. The process of the transaction including preliminary discussions, negotiations, due diligence, and actual closing of the sale is facilitated through the custom platform.

The platform was built by Creative State's design and programming team. It's built on  PHP and MySQL. The site itself, including the platform, is fully responsive and optimized for phones, tablets, and desktop computers. The platform also includes a management console that allows Petroleum Listing Place staff to manage listings and monitor the effectiveness of the platform. 

We also designed a variety of print pieces including business cards, postcards, and direct mail.

Creative State also provides ongoing marketing and digital strategy services to Petroleum Listing Place. 

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