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Responsive Website Design

Parkside Responsive Website on different devices Screenshot of Parkside Homepage Screenshot of Parkside Content Page

About the project

We love the excitement of working with a new startup. Helping grow their business through digital marketing and solid branding. Equally as exciting is working with a solid company that has a long history in your local community. Parkside Psychiatric Hospital & Clinic has been in Tulsa since they opened their doors in 1959. Parkside provides it's clients with a large number or services, events and information. When Parkside reached out to us they had a LOT of good content but their current website was doing a poor job of making that content easily accessible. Sure, we wanted their new website to look great but the first order of businesses was to rework their navigation to provide a better user experience. It is extremely important that users can find the content they need as quickly as impossible. We simplified the homepage be limiting the amount of items shown on the homepage and kept the main traffic pages as visible as possible. The 24 hours hotline is also highly visible and listed in several areas of the site. A clean and organized footer helps highlight additional areas frequently searched for my users. 

In addition to a better overall user experience the site is fully responsive, meaning it seamlessly scales to fit any device from a phone to a large desktop monitor. The last requirement for the new site was that it be easy to manage and update. The content management system (CMS) has been customized to this specific site to only show the areas that need to be edited. Unlike many “out of the box” systems Parkside’s admin experience does not overwhelm them with options and features they will never use. The site includes photo galleries, a “send a greeting card” feature and several custom forms including a detailed job application form. The end result was a great looking, easy to use and easy to manage responsive website. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and we are proud to of had the opportunity to help a long standing Tulsa business. 

This project was rewarding for us and the end result was a success. At Creative State we can have the capability to meet all of your branding needs including print, web, video, photography and marketing. We are Tulsa based but work with companies all across the country. Contact us today at 866-658-7423 EXT 221 to see how we can help bring consistency to your branding efforts.

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