Most business owners and marketers aren’t thinking of longevity when they choose a web design company to work with. They may look closely at samples, or even examine case studies to see what past clients have to say, but the majority aren’t going to think to a point that’s months or years down the road when they are simply trying to get a new web presence launched.

However, we recommend you do exactly that. In fact, you may want to ask yourself: will your web designer be around when you need them most?

To see why this matters more than you might think, let’s take a closer look at this often-hidden issue…

The Problem of Disintegrating Web Design Companies

In the web design industry, longevity is an exception, not a rule. It’s extraordinarily common for businesses to come and go in our field. That’s partly because creatives tend to be nomadic creatures, with small teams of designers and programmers who band together for a year or two before going their separate ways.

This might not seem like something you need to concern yourself about, so long as you get the work you are expecting. But it could impact your company in a number of ways.

How an Out-of- Business Creative Team Hurts Your Marketing

There are a few problems that naturally arise when your web design team splits up or goes out of business. The most obvious is that the firm could disintegrate in the middle of one of your projects. That is, you could find yourself in a position where you paid a deposit on a website but never actually receive anything in return.

Another issue is one of consistency. A web design team can’t give you their best work unless they understand who you are, what kinds of customers you attract, and how your marketing needs to be different from everyone else’s. It’s impossible for them to know that – much less translate those points from one campaign to another – if you’re dealing with a new face every few months.

And finally, there is likely to come a time when you have some kind of emergency with your website. Perhaps a hacker gains access to your site, or a technical issue means your pages go offline unexpectedly. Ideally, you would have a team of professionals proactively working to prevent these problems or deal with them as they arise. The worst possible scenario is that you are frantically trying to find someone who knows how your website was designed, where it’s hosted, and so on as the situation gets worse and worse.

Experience and Stability Matter in Web Design

We know that experience and stability matter in business web design because we have seen all of these situations play out around us over the past 15+ years. And, we’ve just kept on accumulating satisfied clients and success stories along the way. If you want the service, attention, and results you expect, choose a web firm that has a track record of stability. Look for team with the right track record, not just someone who tells you they will be around when you need them.


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