It can be dangerous to give out “catch-all” Internet marketing advice. After all, what works for one business might not work for another, and few techniques are so universal or powerful that they can work for virtually any kind of company, large or small, no matter the industry.

And yet, we feel very comfortable telling you that your business website needs to have online video. In fact, it needs it right now.

How can we make that claim? That’s easy – the facts are with us. Consider just a few of the biggest reasons you should consider adding video clips to your website, and especially your landing pages, as soon as you can:

Video Adds a New Dimension to Your Messaging

Marketers have long known that images tend to be more memorable than plain text. In fact, they are processed around 60,000 times faster by the human brain. It’s probably not surprising, then, that video tends to be more engaging and memorable than virtually anything else you could put on your website.

At the same time, adding video to your website does more than just give your marketing copy more punch – it also allows you to control the delivery more accurately. That is, instead of having visitors simply scan through your pages (and possibly not paying close attention to what you actually want them to learn), you can get them to react emotionally and get your most important points in the right order by using video instead of written words alone.

Put together, these benefits add an entirely new dimension to your messaging, allowing you to be more precise in what you want to say… not to mention the way you want prospects and visitors to feel.


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Online Video Makes Your Website Easier to Find

Although the use of online video is growing rapidly, it’s still relatively rare in a lot of industries. That means you could take advantage of a huge opportunity just by producing a few clips.

Think of it this way: Your customers probably want more online video and less in the way of static images and text. By giving it to them, you could provide a convenience most of your competitors aren’t. And you could find yourself climbing the search engine rankings, since Google uses special search categories for video, and your clips may be among the only ones to be found.

If nothing else, posting clips to your website is a great way to stay ahead of all the other businesses that may be planning to do the same in an effort to try to win some of your customers.


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Video Can Dramatically Improve Conversion Rates

Numerous studies have confirmed that adding online videos to websites can drastically improve conversion rates (whether measured by leads or sales). In some cases, the boost could be as much as two or three times the original response rate.

That means putting video on your website could be the single most important thing you do to win more customers over the next five years. It could have an effect on your business that’s so profound you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. What would you do with twice as many buyers contacting you through your web pages?

If that doesn’t convince you to give video a try, stop and think about that from the opposite perspective for a moment: If you don’t have video, you’re only getting a third – or less – of what you could be from your Internet marketing campaigns.


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Adding Video to Your Website Is Easy and Affordable

For all these great benefits you get from having videos on your website, the traditional argument against adding video is that it’s expensive and time-consuming. That used to be (somewhat) true, but getting great videos now is easier than ever.

This is partly because the costs associated with video production, like cameras and software, have come down in recent years as video has become more and more prevalent in Internet marketing. Additionally, the costs associated with viewing and distributing video have come down, as well.

In other words, because video is virtually everywhere these days, more and more of your customers – even those accessing your website via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets – can stream high-quality clips without worrying about having to wait for them to load or running out of data on a monthly plan.

What we’re really saying is something every business owner or marketing manager should already know: There are lots of great, tangible reasons to add video to your business website, and no good reasons to put it off any longer.


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