Occasionally, a business will come to us with the stated goal of getting “a great deal” on their next business website. That’s always a good idea, of course, but we sometimes think that they are directing their attention towards the wrong end of the problem.

To put it another way, your goal shouldn’t be to spend the least on your next website, but to get the most.

If it sounds like we’re just playing with words, understand that we are talking about spending your money in a way that helps you got a higher return on investment. After all, if your web presence doesn’t help you build your brand and attract new customers, what’s the point of paying anything for a better website at all?

Getting bigger value – and a higher ROI – from your next website is a simple matter of following a few guidelines, such as…

Spend Enough - But Not Too Much - On Web Design and Development

A new business website is an investment. And like any investment, it’s only going to be successful if both costs and returns are considered.

Unless you happen to have a brother-in-law who is a designer, programmer, copywriter and marketing strategist all rolled into one who is willing to create a professional website on the cheap, you’re going to have to spend some money to hire a team to create a quality site that puts your business in the best possible light. Spending too little undercuts your own credibility and costs you more than it saves in the long run. Good creative work comes with professional rates.

At the same time, hiring a huge agency means paying extremely high fees (including a lot of overhead costs) just to get a website. Spend too much, and you may never fully recoup those expenses. For maximum value, look for the “sweet spot” where you can get a high quality web presence at a reasonable rate. You’re usually going to find that at a medium-sized web design company with an outstanding - and diverse - team.

Pay as Much Attention to Marketing as You do Design

Most of today’s business owners understand that successful marketing isn’t only about getting a great website, but also promoting it consistently. If you aren’t bringing new visitors to your website, then it can’t do its job and convert them into customers.

For that reason, you should hire a team that prioritizes ongoing marketing just as much as they do the initial design. Make sure they have a plan to help you promote your website, so it can be a profitable part of your business in the months and years to come.

Keep Your Website Fresh and Growing

An out-of-date website can lower your credibility and cost you customers and revenue. And so, at a minimum, you’ll want to review your pages on a regular basis to ensure the details about your products, prices, locations, and staff members are all accurate.

To get the maximum value from your new website, however, you should also make a point of adding new content on a regular basis. Blog posts, new pages, and even social media updates all help improve the search visibility of your website and give customers a reason to return time and time again.

Getting a great website isn’t just about achieving the right look, but also creating a web presence you can use to build a more profitable business.

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